Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today is Sunday, Today is Sunday, All Day Long

My kids learned a song to the tune of "Are You Sleeping" that teaches them the days of the week.  Day care taught it to them...

Today is Sunday, today is Sunday, all day long, all day long
Yesterday was Saturday, tomorrow will be Monday
Sunday's fun, Sunday's fun

My ladies' group, One Accord, sang the Special Music at church today.  Rest Within His Sanctuary was one of the more difficult pieces we've sung so far, and we were very nervous about how it would come across, but the church LOVED it.  Whew.  Yes, we know we sing to an audience of One, but it's nice to know that those we help lead to the Throneroom of Worship enjoy it, too.

Saralynn's regular Sunday School teachers weren't there today, so Mrs. Beth, our Children's Director, and Miss Elise, Nursery Worker Extraordinaire, taught her class.  They made THE COOLEST prayer journals ever!  I will treasure this thing forever.

Carter loves Sunday School, too.  Mr. Phillip, Mrs. Kay, Mrs. Laurie, and Mr. Brent are absolute saints to teach the 2 year old class.  None of them have young children.  In fact, Mrs. Laurie is the only grandparent of the bunch.  These people just love Jesus and little ones, and I'm forever grateful for them!  Mr. Jay and Mrs. Kendra kept his room during "big church", and Carter's day was MADE.  He LOVES, loves, loves "Misser Jhay".  He even told us today that "his whole name is Mr. James, but his show name is Misser Jhay."  These two are a hoot together!  They talk all things Atlanta Braves and Dan Uggla, Cart'er favorite.  Jay has a daughter Carter's age, and you would think he would be "T's Daddy" like most other grown-ups are, but no- "Misser Jhay" is an entity all his own!  You can tell by the picture that they wore each other out- Carter passed out buried down inside his new sleeping bag in the middle of the den floor and slept for almost 3 hours!

That, friends, sums up our Sunday (and each one is pretty much the same).  We worship, and we rest.  That's the way it's supposed to be, right?!

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