Friday, January 2, 2009

One Word 2009

I love reading other blogs, and admittedly stealing other peoples' ideas... Hey, at least I'm owning up to it, right?

I came across a blog a little big ago by Ali Edwards. I'm excited to read some more about her in a bit, but one of her posts struck me. She suggests that everyone come up with A word- that's right- ONE WORD to (hopefully) define your 2009. Read more here- (even gain a little insight into a word or two, if you need some help). What an awesome concept! Something you hope to live by, something you hope to gain. This word can be a noun, verb, adjective, etc. As soon as I read about the idea, my word came to me, so I share it here:

My word for 2009 is: INTENTIONAL.

From Mr. Webster:

intentional: (adj.) 1. done with intention or purpose: intended 2. of or pertaining to intention or purpose

and, perhaps, my favorite definition: 3. pointing beyond itself

In 2009, I want to be intentional:
In my affection towards my husband. I want to SHOW him more than just TELLING him how much I love him and our life together.
In my time with my daughter. Every day that passes is a gift I'll never open again. I want to relish each and every second I have with her. As Angie Smith says, live life as if it were in snapshots. When Saralynn does something cute, take a picture in your mind. She smiled that smile that makes her eyes disappear, so in my mind, I take a picture- CLICK goes the camera.
In my time spent with God. I want my prayer life to flourish like it never has before. I want to read and study more (a bit more on this later).
I want to be intentional about life in general. I don't want to ever take life for granted. It's too short, goes to quickly, and has too much to offer to let it move swiftly by and just assume it'll always be like it is now.

But, most importantly, I want to be intentional about pointing people beyond myself. I want my life to be such that it's all about Jesus, which in turn becomes all about the people around me. I want the songs I sing, the messages I share, the cards I make, the conversations I have to be all about Him. That is, after all, the point, right?

As mentioned above, I want to be more intentional in my time spent with God. As an outpouring of that desire, I am committing, along with thousands of other women, to learning, memorizing, and internalizing scripture. For me, this is being done through Beth Moore's blog (you can log on to find out more about it- http:// What an awesome opportunity! Can you imagine the joy our Father must feel as He hears the hearts of His Princesses learning and internalizing His word? If you'd like to join in, feel free to do so. You can leave comments here, or on Beth's site.

I am also borrowing an idea from another fellow blogger, Angie Smith. She says it so much better than I ever could: In a nutshell, as a mother, I want to commit to praying over and for my daughter. Yes, something I should, and do, every day. But, these are intentional prayers, prayed at intentional times during the day. Would you like to join me in this area, too? Please do. There's no greater gift we can give our children than praying over them and for them.

And, finally, on the note of living life as if it were a series of snapshots, I'm participating in Project 365. Read for more info here,, but in short, Project 365 is all about pictures. A picture a day for a year. Wow, a big project, you might say, and you'd be right. But, in trying to live an intentional life, I'm giving this a shot. You take a picture a day and journal about it. At the end of the year, you have a year's worth of pictures to look back on. Pictures of what? ANYTHING. Maybe a picture of the messy den. Why? To signify that, yes, it will get picked up, but not now. Saralynn has asked for a story, so I'm going to read to her. The den will be spruced later. Or, one I'm looking forward to soon: a picture of a pair of our shoes on either side of hers. Why? A reminder that she's watching us- waiting to one day fill our shoes. Care to join this one? I'd love to know of some of your picture ideas- only if you don't mind sharing- I just might snag an idea or two. HA!

So, as 2009 rolls on, please, Lord Jesus, help me be intentional in all things. Thank you for the creativity and passion You gave me. Help those to be blessings to others in this coming year!

Mary Beth


  1. I love this word. I saw this same idea on Jessica Turners (she has tons of CUTE scrapbooking ideas) webblog. I don't know her personally, but like you enjoy reading other blogs. Her word was intentional as well. I think it is one of the best because it is so easy to be overcome by complacency and if we strive to be intentional it will help to override those tendancies! Good luck with your word.

  2. What a great post. I am now thinking of what my word would be!! Unlike you I think I will have to put some thought into it.

    Wishing you all the best.

  3. I saw Jessica's blog after I'd "picked" my word. I like to think my word picked me. It looks like I copied her, but I guess we were just meant to have the same word!