Thursday, January 8, 2015

Scholastic Link

Many have asked for the direct link to my classroom's Scholastic Book Club account.  See below.

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015.... Here's to New Beginnings

New Year.  So much to think about.

2014 was a good year.  It was also a hard year.  Garrett began a job late in 2013 that took him away from another job that he enjoyed.  He didn't enjoy the pay, but the job itself was a pretty good one.  Enter new job and the promise of climbing the ladder, more money, more time with family.  All was well until it was snatched out from under him one day just a few days into 2014.  We were devastated.  He was crushed.  He searched and looked for over a month while the stress of no benefits, the irony that my most favorite job ever wasn't coming close to paying the bills, and just every day life as a mom, wife, and college student came crashing down on me.

He began a new job a few long weeks later.  This job has him travel an hour plus out of town each day, which means our time with him is so very little, but we are thankful for a job.  He is able to spend the night with his parents a few days a week to save on gas and time, and for that we're also thankful as he is able to stay more plugged in with them.  My heart hurts when I wake up at 3:00 AM to a running shower and breaks into a million pieces when he gets home for dinner and goes straight to bed, but for now, we're making the best of it.

2014 saw the end of 2nd grade and beginning of 3rd grade for Saralynn.  She is flourishing in school.  She began classes in our Enrichment/Gifted program in August and couldn't be happier.  She has an amazing 3rd grade team of teachers whose only flaw is that they cheer for those War Birds.  She has one teacher who is a UGA fan that she holds tightly to.  :)

2014 saw the end of an era for the Pelt Crew.  Carter left day care at the FBC Child Development Center in May.  Both kids attended there from 7 weeks of age until they went to Pre-K.  Walking out the doors for the last time was emotional, but the raise we got after no more day care payments helped soften the blow.

Carter played T-ball for the first time in the spring of 2014, and then played soccer in the fall.  It's no surprise, but we have an athlete on our hands!  He loves second base and just loves the whole "get out and chase the ball" concept of soccer.  We have quite a bit of refining to do if he sticks with soccer, but we'll get there.

Saralynn continues to dance and loves every single second of it.  She danced as an icicle in Cinderella in March and danced as a sheep in the Nutcracker in December.  I love watching her glide across the stage.  She is a beautiful dancer.

2014 brought a change in roles for me at school, and I couldn't be happier.  I serve our most academically challenged kindergarteners in a small group setting as a Kindergarten EIP parapro.  I run a lab out of the classroom I shared with my teacher last year and I absolutely love my job.  2014 also brought with it a change in college campuses.  I'm now attending West Georgia Technical College, gathering the last of my core classes underneath me in hopes of transferring back to a 4 year college for a degree soon.

2014 was good to us and I look forward to all that 2015 has in store.  Stay tuned!