Thursday, January 21, 2010

I PROMISE we're all ok... It's just been a journey :)

For those (ok, 1) of you that read our blog, you'll notice a prolonged absence. Let's just say that adjusting to life with 2 kids has been an adventure. And, about the time Carter made his arrival (a post or two on that note to follow), Garrett began working 10+ hour days, so my time for "playing" on the computer, as he calls it- I call it writing on the blog- was non-existant. But, all is well- we're loving every single nanosecond of being a family of 4 and can't wait to catch you up on life around here. Buckle up tight- many posts to come. (Just maybe not all today...)

I signed off last year with the word "Intentionally" because that was my buzz-word for the year. 2010's buzzword is "details". Not sure how I'll incorporate that into a signature, but, it's my goal this year to pay more attention to the details. In the lives of my family, of those around me, and in the lives of those that will come into my life for the first time. Yes, I'll even pay closer attention to the details in the lives of those that will leave my life this year, if God ordains that be so. He does, after all, give and take away. I'm praying above all for HIS will to prevail for my family and for my own life in 2010 like it never has before.

Let's give this one a try...

Working on the details,
Mary Beth