Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jesus knows me, this I love

Wednesday.  Church day.  Yippee!

Our church had a great Family Night planned last week, but since we were down and out with the stomach virus, we didn't make it.  We were bummed.  But, we made it back tonight!

I teach 4 year old choir, and they are amazing.  They are a BUNCH of boys and just a few girls.  They are sweet.  They are energetic.  They are talkative.  They are trying.  They are festive.  They are His.  And He allows me the blessing of them for 45 minutes each week, and I don't take that blessing lightly.

There are some amazing people who care for my kids while I teach other children, and I'm grateful for them, too.  Mrs. Aundrea, Mr. John, Mrs. Laura, Mr. Gavin, and Mrs. Kitty teach Saralynn stories about Jesus.  Mrs. Lynne, Mrs. Mary, Mrs. Debbie, Miss Brooke, and Miss Catherine teach Saralynn songs about Jesus.  Mrs. Faye and Ms. Carol care for Carter and his friends in their room, which Carter affectionately calls his "choir" room.  They (and anyone else I may've mistakenly left out) are fabulous.

Tonight, we sang "Oh, how He loves you and me", and the voices that filled the room were angelic.  We made Valentines to send to the troops overseas.  God works in and through the hearts of 4 year olds.

Don't believe me?

Come check out the Turtle Room at FBCOTS on Wednesdays and leave unchanged.  I dare you.

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