Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Big 3-0

Today I embarked on a new journey in my life- entering my 30s. My dad and Carter wished me Happy Birthday first, followed by Garrett, and then my sweet Saralynn. "Happy Birfday Mommy. You're firty." Thanks for the reminder, Dear One. My mom followed suit not long after. I'm a very blessed girl.

A few thoughts on what I've learned in the first 30 years of this wonderful life I've been given (in no particular order)...

1. The older I get, the faster time flies. (This applies even more to watching my children grow- it's just going by too quickly.)
2. Some days are just rainy days.
3. I miss my paternal grandparents. They would've loved watching my children grow.
4. I'm thankful that we get to visit my maternal grandparents each Friday. I'm sure that when they Memaw and Papa go to meet Ice and PaClyde in Heaven that they'll share some pretty funny stories about Saralynn and Carter with them.
5. I'm still a Daddy's girl.
6. I'll always need my Mama.
7. My brother is my hero.
8. My husband is the light of my life. I have no doubt that we were created for each other.
9. I think I could have the chance to sing and lead God's people in worship every day and it wouldn't be enough.
10. Thinking about the huge worship service that awaits me in Heaven excites me!
11. I love fresh out of the tub wet baby hair.
12. I still want to adopt a baby some day. There's a brown skinned baby out there (and maybe 2) that will complete our family.
13. Sometimes you just aren't as close to people as you think. They're a bigger part of your life than you are theirs.
14. I love being able to talk sports with my Daddy and somewhat hold my own.
15. Most Memorable Birthday Ever: 20th- 9.12.00- My mom and dad conspired with Bobby and Christina Jones to have our college Bible Study meet at Los Nopales for the evening. I thought it odd that we would meet somewhere to eat since Christina usually cooked for us. Little did I know it was a birthday party for me. My first surprise party!
16. 2nd Most Memorable Birthday Ever: 21st- 9.12.01- the day after 9.11.01. I woke up and immediately realized how much I missed my grandparents. That was the first birthday that they had not acknowledged with a ridiculously too early phone call to me. My grandfather had already gone to the arms of Jesus and my grandmother was debilitated by the heinous disease of forgetfulness that eventually took her from us. And then I quickly realized how many other people woke up missing people, too. I'll never forget...
17. 3rd Most Memorable Birthday Ever: 22nd- 9.12.02. I didn't have class that day (but I think that was by my own choice.) I woke up to the phone ringing around 9:30. It was Garrett. We'd only been dating about 2 months, but he'd taken the day off and surprised me with a visit to LaGrange. So fun. I really don't remember everything we did (oops) but I remember he bought me a Beta fish and took me to the coffee shop that night.
18. Even though the last month or so is tough on me personally, I LOVE being pregnant. (I am, however, done being pregnant.)
19. I want to go back to college one day.
20. I love watching my little girl learn something new.
21. My son melts my heart with pretty much anything he ever does.
22. Sometimes all you can do is cry.
23. A coloring book and some crayons are the best stress relief!
24. Learning to sew isn't as hard as I thought.
25. I still don't understand the need for ridiculously scary movies. Which is why I don't watch them.
26. I miss playing Mary in the Living Christmas Tree each Christmas.
27. I still want to learn to play the guitar.
28. Watching Saralynn "play" soccer is hilarious.
29. Carter eating cat food wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
30. I'm ready for the next firty years of my life!

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