Friday, April 3, 2009

an update on D-Day

Apparently the iPhone isn't the best thing to reference when you need a calendar. Garrett and Brett looked at the calendar yesterday in the office to determine that November 19th was Thanksgiving, but it's actually November 26th. So, we'll have a baby the week BEFORE Thanksgiving, which means Mommy and Baby will be home for Turkey Day and I can enjoy some yummy dressing! Yippee! Of course, I would've gladly stayed in the hospital through Thanksgiving, and still will do whatever Dr. B. recommends, but in case you look at it yourself, we miscalculated the due date as it relates to Thanksgiving. It still looks like we'll introduce Baby Pelt to the world on November 18th! :)

Mary Beth

P.S. Please join me in praying for a family that used to attend our church before moving out of town. Lisa and Andy Skelton lost their son, Brandon Maluff, in a tragic car accident last night. Brandon grew up at FBC and I'm more than sure I had him in a VBS class or something I helped teach along the way. Brandon was one of the most polite kids I ever encountered. He was so full of life and just loved his friends and family. He leaves behind a little sister, Alex, who will surely miss him very much. Brandon was a freshman in college, if I remember correctly, and I think was a student at Auburn. His family moved that direction a few years ago. Please pray for the Skeltons as the grieve the loss of their precious Brandon. Hearts are heavy today, but we know God is faithful and holds us in His hands always! Welcome home, Brandon.

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