Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Beauty of a New Day

I am absolutely amazed at how God knits the little details of a day together to make beautiful quilts of time that He uses for His glory. I must say that today did not start out like my days usually do. Typically, I wake up at 6:00 when my alarm goes off, trudge up the steps from the basement back to my parents' bed where I lay and doze off (ok, sometimes go straight back to sleep) until the two of them have had their showers and are putting the final touches on their morning routines. Then, I get in the shower, and the morning moves on from there. However, I came up the steps at 6:00 this morning and saw my Mom sitting on the couch reading a book with a WIDE-AWAKE Saralynn, and my Dad perched at the table finishing his breakfast. The house was brimming with activity and life. I'll admit- I was much more content to let it be quiet and dark as it always is, but alas, that was not in the Plan today.

Saralynn and I went upstairs and piled in Mimi's bed to watch Dragon Tails- she has a newfound love for that show, and since it's not very high on the obnoxious level (sorry, Barney), I was happy to let her watch it. Today's episode found Dragonland full of activity as all the inhabitants were at a fair or carnival. My shower and morning routine had to carry on, so that's all I know of the show, but nonetheless there was activity and community among the dragons today. We got Saralynn dressed and ready for school and I got her all buckled into her car seat and sent her off with a hearty kiss and a "have a good day", which was immediately returned from a chocolate-milk-mustached mouth. Some mornings are easier than others in our house, and today was a pretty decent morning.

I headed off to Wal-Mart in search of some caffeine-free Mountain Dew. These mornings, the citrus and bubbles of Mountain Dew seem to calm my ever-rolling stomach. This pregnancy has brought much more nausea than the first, and that's not the extent of the differences, but thankfully I've yet to be physically ill- just icky all day, with emphasis on early morning and late evening. Upon arriving to Wal-Mart, I was met with yet another flurry of activity and people. Usually the Valley, AL Wal-Mart is not the mecca of people that it was today first thing in the morning. But, along with the activity came many smiling faces and "good mornings" aplenty. What a great day!

Arriving at work, the activity and chatter continues, and it's so nice to hear. As I do most mornings, I logged on to my computer and brought up my blog. I often find the ordaining hands of Jesus in the words of others, and today was no different.

Case in point, http://audreycaroline.blogspot.com. Angie Smith is such a dear friend, if only in Blog World. She and her family are experiencing a very difficult, yet very redeeming day today, the one-year anniversary of their daughter's birth and death. Please join me in praying for them. She was so kind to pray along side us when Mrs. Niedrach was ill and sent me a very sweet note back when I informed her that Mrs. Niedrach was most likely holding her Audrey.

Angie shared a song that will be on Selah's new album, releasing this fall, called Unredeemed, and it is beautiful. I am so very thankful that God doesn't allow things to be a little "out of the ordinary" without it being part of the plan. I woke up today knowing what it holds for the Smiths and immediately began to pray for them, and began my day. And, in His infinite wisdom, God made my day a little unorthodox, too, I think as a way to say, "Yes, it's a different, and maybe difficult day for them, but I'm making your day a little different, too. What will you do with it?" So, today, 4/7/09, I'm vowing to let it be a different day, and do with it what He asks me to. Who knows? Maybe the difference has already come and gone, or maybe there's more to come, but at any rate, there have already been differences, and for that I'm grateful. I was allowed extra time with my daughter that I don't always have in the mornings. No, I didn't move mountains in her world and make homemade breakfast (ok, I said differences, not miracles), but I did spend a few extra minutes with her, and I'm grateful for it. What will you do to make today different? I hope you find something that sticks out for you today. Maybe at least one difference can be a prayer lifted up for a family that hurts today. That'd be a great starting place!

If you take the time to read Angie's blog entry for today, you'll see that she's going to India with Compassion International soon, and that she has children on her blog that are looking for a sponsor. Any children sponsored today, which as discussed is a special day for them, will receive a handmade doll from the beautiful ladies at Baby Be Blessed- see their dolls here- http://babybeblesseddolls.com. Saralynn is receiving one of these beatiful creations very soon, and I can't wait to snap a picture of her holding it. Maybe today's difference for you is sponsoring one of God's precious children into your family, and blessing them with a beautiful doll that tangibly shows them His redeeming love for them.

No matter what the day holds for you, make it a Different Day, and reflect the differences back to Him. That is, after all, where they belong.

Mary Beth

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