Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Hound of Heaven

Another of Dave's illustrations from this weekend was a reference to God being the Hound of Heaven. Maybe you've heard this before, but I had not that I recall. He talked about Jesus sniffing us out wherever we are and calling us back to Himself when we've gone astray. I just pictured a dog on a mission and it made me smile. When a dog wants to find something, it doesn't stop until it's found what it's looking for. Whether it be a ball or a snack or a stick, in that moment, finding said item is the dog's only mission- the only item on it's agenda. God is the same way. When He sets His eyes on us (and thank heaven He does), He runs hard after us, and doesn't stop trying to reach us until He succeeds. He never quits- always perseveres. It's us that give up on Him. But, thankfully, no matter how we may try to run or hide, He knows us well enough to track us down. When a dog is given a piece of clothing or something with a person's scent and is commanded to find the person, it runs feverishly, but so meticulously sniffs and searches. And, then what does it do when it finds what it's looking for? It whimpers and barks. Not exactly what Jesus does, but the dog makes it known that it's found what it's looking for. Just imagine the cheer in Heaven when Jesus is able to pierce a heart that accepts Him- much more than whimpering- more like shouting!

Thank You, Jesus for sniffing me out. Sometimes, because of the sin I find myself in time and time again, I'm sure my scent is less than desirable, but because You created me, You know exactly where I am and I am familiar to You. Thank You for never leaving me and for tirelessly pursuing me. Hound of Heaven, thank You for being faithful!

Mary Beth

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