Thursday, January 22, 2009

What's Your Name?

My dad has been working with Saralynn, teaching her to know what her full name is (and it's a doozie- I'll answer to that one in a few years, I'm sure). She is named for both her grandmothers- Sara is Garrett's mom's first name, and Lynn is my mom's middle name. Her middle name is Elizabeth, which is also my middle name. So, her full name is Saralynn Elizabeth Pelt. The conversation goes something like this:

Pop: "What's your name?"

Saralynn: "Saralynn". (I'll have to get some video of her saying it for you to get the full effect. She used to call herself NeeNee- we haven't figured that one out yet...)

P: "What's your full name?"

S: "Saralynn Elizabeth Pelt" (we eventually get there)

So, now that we pretty well have that down pat, Pop moves to other family members...

P: "What is Pop's name?"

S: "I dunno. What?"

P: "Ken"

S: "Oh, ok. Pop is Ken- "Ten".

We move on through Mimi (Becky- "Bety"), Uncle Bub (Matthew- "Mappoo"), and Daddy (Garrett- Dawett). We even talk about the kitty, Muffin (Muppin).

Then, on to Mommy...

P: "What is Mommy's name?"

S, very resolutely: "Mommy".

P: "Her name is Mary Beth".

S, very puzzled: "Mewy Beff?"... thinks a minute... "No, she's Mommy".

That's my girl! :)


  1. What a week!! I haven't even had a chance to check on my "cyber" buddies. I can't always leave comments on But I love reading your blog. What's our names?? NeeNee and MawMaw....who cares what he calls us, just call us!!! Hope all is well!

  2. Thanks for entering Yay Free Friday! No worries!! Have a wonderful week!