Thursday, January 8, 2009

a pic from a few months ago

Our sweet Saralynn was a star in the LaGrange Daily News late last year. This photo was taken at her day care's annual Parade of Costumes on Halloween. Because she was not into any costume that didn't resemble her own clothing, we were a Kitty Cat this Halloween. She wore black leggings and a black turtleneck, and I found a set of ears and tail at Wal-Mart. I painted whiskers on her face with eyeliner and painted her nose pink with lipstick. The only way this was successful was telling her that I was painting a smiley face on her face. She loves to have smiley faces drawn on her hands, so liked the idea of one on her face. If one looks closely, they will see that the ears are rounded rather than pointed, so it can be argued that she was a mouse rather than a cat, but at any rate, she was cute, and she made the paper! We, of course, have multiple copies at home, but I was on the newpaper's website this morning and saw the picture still there, so figured it was blog-worthy. I hope you enjoy.

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