Monday, January 5, 2009

A Few Cute Pictures...

So, since one of the main reasons I moved blog sites is because it's easier to post pictures, it'd help if I'd post some, huh?
Here are a few random pictures from the weekend. Saralynn's Nana and Paw Paw gave her a dress-up trunk that she's been exploring. We've gotten the boa, tiara, and shoes, but haven't yet graduated to the dresses and skirts. She'd much rather have her "Coach Shirt". Coach Phil Williamson, the Athletic Director at LaGrange College, and also one of Saralynn's first Sunday School teachers, gave her an LC shirt, which she would live her entire life in if she could. She also thought it would be neat to wrap her hair up like Mommy's when she got out of the tub. The last picture is her "oh, what iiiis it?" face. We saw this with almost every present she opened. The face was captured as she opened her baby doll stroller from Aunt Amy and Uncle Carl and cousins Carson and Lainey.

I hope you all enjoy glimpses into our life as much as I enjoy posting about them!

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  1. Mary Beth,
    It's exciting to see pictures of your sweet family. That little one looks a lot like you. Also I saw that she has a little kitty named muffin, that was the name of my first kitten too! HOpe your having a wonderful week.