Thursday, January 3, 2013

ones and threes

I love quirky things about numbers.  Craziness, I know, as I was an English major in school and pretty much stunk it up at any other kind of math other than 2+2.

Today is January 3, 2013, or 1-3-13.  See the pattern?  It's an AB pattern.  :)  Kindergarten IS teaching me something!

Today was just your regular old run-of-the-mill day.  Nothing too spicy happened.  The kids stayed at each other's throats pretty much all day.  I've been home since lunchtime on December 17th with Carter, and Saralynn has been home with us since the 20th, so we're ready to get back into the swing of things around here!  Carter stayed home today, because quite frankly, I was too lazy to take him to school.  Shocker, I know.  I actually was kinda dizzy when I first woke up and was a little heebie jeebied out at the thought of driving, so we stayed home and in our PJs.

I straightened up the house a little and wrote out 4 thank you notes to mail.  I LOVE the concept of a handwritten note accompanied by a stamp that goes through snail mail.  I sent Garrett a picture of the notes I mailed and told him how blessed we are to know so many people who are deserving of congratulations, birthday wishes, thank yous, etc.  Wow.

I had the chance to play one on one with both kids today, which was so fun.  Carter and his baseball obsession crack me up.  His hiking of his leg when he pitches the ball for us to hit will make a blog appearance soon.  I should totally go back through my Facebook feed and photos and drag out some pictures of him sleeping with his baseball glove and bat...  A project for another day.

I went to ensemble practice tonight.  I sing with a beautifully talented group of ladies and we met to rehearse our song offering for this Sunday morning.  An hour out with grown ups was just what this mama needed!  I adore my babies to the ends of the earth, but God Himself made us for community, and I especially love the chance to live life with these ladies while sharing our talents for HIM!

Carter is loving his John Deere tractor he got for Christmas.  Notice his tongue- that's a Peltism.  Saralynn and I enjoyed some time playing Stack the States on her iPad.  She is a smart one, I tell ya- takes after her daddy!  She's all into geography and state info, so we put together a puzzle, too.  And, what day is complete without stomping on bubble wrap in the middle of the kitchen floor?!  Our family does loud pretty well...

As I head to bed tonight, I am amazed at the faithfulness of God.  Garrett watched more of the Passion 2013 live feed tonight, and I watched as he and my children listened in awe to Kari Jobe's "Revelation Song" and watched Carter's feet tap to Lecrae's music, and I thought about how loving He absolutely HAS to be in order to meet us all where we are.  He knows what my children need to hear, what I need to hear, what my husband needs to hear, and on and on and on...  He knew long ago that a little boy I don't even know would need His healing touch to come over his legs, and that the little boy's parents would need His peace to wash over them.  He knew long ago that a man I've known and respected all my life would give the gift of life in the form of a kidney to a sick little boy today.  He KNOWS.  Me.  You.  It.  Why.

How?  Because He's PRESENT, and that's His PRESENT to us.

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