Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just another day in paradise?

Today started out EARLY.  Getting over my portion of the stomach bug, I took a late nap yesterday afternoon.  Big mistake, or so I thought.  I crawled into bed at 12:50 am this morning, only to be awoken by sounds coming from the monitor in the kids' room.  (They both sleep in Saralynn's room right now- they enjoy the company).  When I got upstairs, I quickly realized that she had fallen victim to the stomach bug.  My sweet, precious Daddy was in the floor taking care of "things" that needed attention while I tended to Saralynn.  30 minutes later, she was back asleep, and Daddy sent me back to bed to try and sleep.  No such luck.  I wound up in the floor in her room with her, and we were up and down most of the night.

I took Carter to day care today for the first time since December 17th.  Strep throat and bronchitis kept him out of school the week before Christmas, and with holiday plans and the center's usual closings, we just got back to it today.  He was so glad to see his friends, and I was glad to have the day to Lysol and change sheets, etc.  I didn't get much of that done.  I was just plain tired from the lack of a good night's sleep, and spent some time cuddling with Saralynn.  She isn't much of a cuddler when she is sick, but I take what I can get.

My daddy went to get Carter from school and to get a haircut while I kept going on some of the chores.  Saralynn finally perked up and was hungry!  Yay!  Garrett got home from a 10 hour day and we enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches and spaghetti-os for supper.  (No judgement, please).  Carter and I played a new Chuggington game he got for Christmas while Garrett played iPad Boggle and watched the Passion live stream, and Saralynn watched The Muppet Movie.  It was a nice, quiet, relaxing night at home.  I was ready to throw in the towel and say how ready we all are to go back to school (since Carter and I haven't been there since the 17th, and Saralynn the 19th), but I know that God knew we needed a few more days to recuperate and rest before the hustle and bustle of a new semester begins.

Our sweet friends the Olesons welcomed their first born, a baby girl, into the world tonight.  We are thrilled for them and can't wait to meet her (once we're all well, of course)!

I leave you with our picture (collage) of the day.  Saralynn found my stash of Sour Patch Kids (that helped with my nausea a couple of days ago) and tried one herself...  Gotta love that face.  Carter has learned to curl his tongue and is so proud...  Garrett beat me in Boggle for the first time ever...  And the kids fell asleep camped out in the floor.  Saralynn and I slept there last night in an attempt to keep the kids apart so Carter wouldn't get sick.  She got a new sleeping bag from Aunt Amy and Uncle Carl for Christmas and is in love!  Nana and Paw Paw gave her a UGA Dram Light that arrived today, so it's nestled in between them.  Not to be outdone, Carter protested sleeping in the bed and promptly took over my last night's spot.  They are so peaceful when they sleep.

Nothing new and exciting about today, but it was a PRESENT, and even though the stomach bug at 1:30 in the morning isn't exactly my idea of the best one, I'm blessed to be PRESENT in the every day gifts called life!

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