Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Day Back

(note- I thought I published this, but I saved it as a draft...  oops)

Monday.  FIrst day back at school.  The day we've all looked forward to.  No, really, we have.  We are ready for the routine!

My alarm went off at 5:00 AM for the first time in 21 days.  That part I didn't really like so much, but it was the sign that we were returning to normal.  I made lunches for Garrett, Saralynn, and me, and got Carter's stuff all ready for his new classroom.  The morning went off pretty much without a hitch.

I dropped Carter off in his new room and he wasn't really all that excited.  He didn't cry, but he didn't go very willingly either.  I could kick myself for not taking any morning pictures of either child...

It was nice to see my school babies again!  We didn't have any criers, and only 4 that forgot their computer login info, which I thought was great!  They transitioned right back into school life nicely.  Last year's first day back was much rustier than this one...

I picked Saralynn up from school and she talked the entire way home about her friends and her day.  It was fun to hear the excitement in her voice again.

I made dinner (Zesty Italian chicken), and it was yummy!

Then, it was time for the BIG GAME.  My Alabama Crimson Tide, ranked #2, against undefeated Notre Dame, ranked #1.  I just KNEW we would all enjoy the game together.  Wrong.  By 8:30 I was THE ONLY one still awake.  Yuck.  I watched all but the 4th quarter (which I recorded to watch later).  I was just too tired.  I fell asleep to a 42-7 lead, so I felt like they could handle it at that point without me.  :)

Smiling faces enjoyed their first day back!


And some tired babies...

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