Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can I get a "Roll Tide?!"

Last night was the National Championship game.  My beloved Alabama Crimson Tide, ranked #2 after a loss earlier in the season to Texas A&M under the leadership of "Johnny Football" Manziel, played the #1 ranked and undefeated Notre Dame Fighting Irish.  I have loved the Tide for a long time now, mostly because of my Daddy.  He is my hero, my first love, the one Jesus chose to be my earthly daddy.  I had a great-uncle (actually by marriage on my mom's side, so not even "blood related" to my daddy) that instilled a love for the Tide in Daddy.  I've grown up watching sports, namely basketball, football, and baseball.  Daddy played basketball like it was his lifeblood when I was young, and I've always enjoyed watching him, whether on the court or the softball field.  I ate, slept, and breathed sports as a young girl, and truth be told, I still do...  If I had a do-over in life, I would follow my dream of being a sportscaster...

I digress.

I so looked forward to watching "the big game" with the family, but instead, after the first full day back in the routine, everyone was zapped and in bed by 8:00, and some before.  I watched in utter amazement as my Tide spanked the Irish 42-14.  The score easily could've been 70 or more.  It was a sight to behold.  It was pretty much fact that Alabama was the more superior team in every sense of the word, but I was genuinely surprised that the Irish didn't give them *this much more* of a fight than they did.  The Irish were seeking their first National Championship in 25 years, yet they played like it was the first day of spring practice.

I commend Coach Saban and his staff on a well coached, well thought out game.  And mad props to Barrett Jones, who lives out his faith both on and off the field.  "If I'm known as Barrett Jones- he's a great Alabama football player- then I'm not doing my job  I want to be known as Barrett Jones- he's a Christian who happens to play football- not a football player who happens to be a Christian."

Fight on, men.  Roll Tide.  You achieved your 15th National Championship in school history, and became the first club in Football Bowl Series history to win Back to Back championships.

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