Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bing Hopo. Dome Hepot. Something like that...

Today was the best family day we've had in a long time!  We woke up this morning and....

wait.  Let's back up.

Carter woke up this morning at 6:45 and talked yelled into the monitor, "MOMMY, I WANT TO GO DOWNSTAIRS!"  I retrieved him from his room and we went downstairs.  Pop was already up (sort of), and was flipping TV channels when Carter found The Doodlebops.  (He calls them Doodlebocks). We watched.  And watched.  And watched.  We caught the middle of one, and then two more episodes came on behind it.  I'll admit it- I dozed in and out through them.  This is clearly not one of my favorite shows...

Mimi and Pop asked us to join them for breakfast at IHOP.  Yummy!  The Cheerios and Lucky Charms we were eating were quickly abandoned.  We woke Daddy up and all 6 of us loaded into the Sorento.  All You Can Eat Pancakes didn't stand a chance with the Pelt/Carter crew this day!

After breakfast, we went to Home Depot for Craft Day.  Carter kept goofing up the name.  "We go to Bing Hopo."  "We go Dome Hepot."  He finally got it right.  HD sponsors a kids' craft day on the first Saturday of every month.  If you live anywhere near a Home Depot, and you have children, you should check it out.  Or, if you don't have children but love the incessant sound of hammers banging and banging and banging, you should check it out.  Either way, it's totally free, and the looks on the kids' faces when they show off their newly created (AND PAINTED) masterpieces are priceless!

The kids and I have gone before, but this was the first one Garrett has been able to experience (as a parent, he quickly adds).  Home Depot came to LaGrange when I was in college, I think, so I didn't know of this kids' craft day phenomenon when I was small.  Two birdhouses later, we headed back home for some rest time.

Pop took the kids to the LaGrange College Lady Panthers' basketball game.  I intended to go, too, but somehow rest time went from "Mommy lay down beside Carter to get him down for a nap" to "Carter and Saralynn and Pop go to the game and Mommy take a nap" pretty quickly.  Oops.

The day finished out with our weekly trip to our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Jimador (also know as Sam's House to Carter).  Sam is our waiter and we love to go down and visit him each week.  Once we got home, we played a little Hungry Hungry Hippos and I finished up a craft project that Carter needs for his first day in his NEW CLASSROOM on Monday!  Pics will follow.

I said I'd mention more about Saralynn's and my purchase for Carter from yesterday, but we didn't get around to it today- maybe tomorrow.

Oh, how I love family days.  My heart is full!

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