Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's a...


I have alot of catch-up blogging to do- more thoughts on our anniversary, our "working vacation", etc., but I wanted to get this up for anyone that might read this and not already know our news. Facebook and Twitter are staples at our house these days, so the blog takes a back-burner sometimes, but nonetheless, here we go...

Garrett and I picked Saralynn up from Jonesboro on our way home from North Carolina on Monday night. We had our ultrasound Tuesday at 1:00, so I took the day off, and Garrett was scheduled to go to work after the ultrasound, so we had a nice morning at home with Saralynn. We took her to the playground (indoor, of course), and then were off to Dr. Bowie's office. We picked Mimi up on the way and the four of us anxiously awaited "knowing".

Mrs. Cheryl, the ultrasound tech, called me back and we got started. Saralynn didn't understand my having to lay down on the table and kept telling me to "wake up". Too funny! We'd already discussed that we were going to Mommy's doctor's office and a nice lady was going to use a special pen to take some pictures of our baby that she would show us on the TV, so Saralynn walked in and immediately glued into the TV. Mrs. Cheryl started out the ultrasound with the typical measurements, etc. The baby's legs were closed very tightly, and it was down low in my pelvic region, so she was not optimistic about being able to determine the gender. She kept going with the measurements, and at one point said if she had to render a guess she'd guess that Baby Pelt was a girl. That would've meant welcoming Caroline Grace in November. She kept looking and measuring, and, almost surprised, exclaimed at one point, "Oh, I saw it! It's a boy! It's definitely a boy!" My mom had seen a little boy part cross the screen, too, she thought, but didn't say anything- hoping Mrs. Cheryl saw it, too.

I must admit that I was so very excited. I've felt like this was a boy all along, but for no "real" reason. No dreams to speak of, etc. But, I felt like it was a boy. I am over the moon that my little family will now include one of each- my precious Saralynn and Carter, whom I can't wait to meet in November.

A little about his name: My maiden name is Carter, and since I go by my first name and part of my middle name, I had to legally drop my maiden name when Garrett and I got married. Once I realized this as a teenager, I said I wanted to name a little boy Carter, and my sweet husband obliged. We knew a son would be named Carter when we were pregnant with Saralynn. At that point, we thought we'd give him Garrett's middle name, which is Hanson, his mother's maiden name, but Garrett wasn't sure this time around if he liked that, so we kept tossing around ideas. He has always loved the name Jackson, so we threw that around a little, and decided on it as a middle name. It took a little convincing on my part, mostly because Jackson is typically used as a first name, but I have since come to love it! Garrett's paternal grandparents lived in Jackson, GA, and Garrett has beautifully fond memories of his childhood in Jackson, so it's an homage to his grandparents. I can't think of a more beautiful way to honor them.

Garrett was a little stunned at first to find out he was having a boy, I think. There's a "pattern" on his dad's side of the family for quite a ways back that produces babies of the same gender in pairs (two boys born to one family, then two girls- not one of each that is known), so he "broke tradition" by producing both a boy and a girl. The Pelt name's continuation hinged on Garrett and his brother, so this takes the heat off of Daniel- the name will continue on with our Carter.

Saralynn is beside herself and tells everyone she sees that she's "having a boy baby for her Mommy". I think she's going to be a fabulous big sister. We took her to the pool to swim last night, and since she's infatuated with my ever-growing belly these days, she rubbed it as usual. I asked her where her brother was, and her response was "in the TV". Oops. We may've bobbled the follow-through with the ultrasound, but we'll get it back. She's very sweet to talk to the baby and sing him songs, and I can't wait for her to feel him kick. I started feeling him regularly on vacation this weekend- maybe because I was still and riding most of the time, so I could focus on each little movement, but he seems very active at this point. He's measuring big, so we'll have to wait and see, but at this point, we're overjoyed that we have a healthy baby boy coming to meet us in November. Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes. Please join us in continuing to pray God's blessings over Carter and Saralynn as they grow. TO HIM BE THE GLORY!

Mary Beth