Friday, June 5, 2009

He Got In!!!

If you've read my past couple of blog entries, you know that Garrett has been awaiting a phone call this week to let him know if he was accepted into a Creative Worship Coaching seminar with Carlos Whittaker. Los just recently resigned a position at Buckhead Church to begin a ministry of his own that coaches individuals involved in the worship experiences all over the globe. He came up with the creative coaching concept out of his own journey in ministry and worship planning, taking the information he was coached with and giving it back to others. I'm thankful for a man that realizes that God put many gifted people in his path as he sought to live out the Great Commission, and that he ralizes the need for that knowledge to be passed on. I'm thankful that he's taking time to work with those that are seeking to further the kingdom, too- regardless of denomination, music preference, worship style, etc. Los gets it- there is One Jesus, and we're all on the same team, leading others to him.

And, because of the call God has placed on Garrett's life, he has been accepted into the seminar! I couldn't be prouder of him and the ideas he's come up with lately. I myself have a notebook that is rapidly filling with song ideas, drama ideas, service notes, etc., and Garrett and I are continually bouncing ideas off of each other. It'll be so much fun to hear all about what Los brings to the table. The seminar will take place over the course of four months. The participants are matched up in groups of 25. Each week, there will be a one-hour conference call with all the participants, and then another one-hour call between the individual and Los. There will be homework assignments, etc. to complete, too. So, it will be a time-consuming process, but will be so worth it in the end. And, it has a financial obligation to it as well, but we're stepping out on faith that God will provide. Garrett's mindset was from the get-go, "if it's God's will I participate, He'll work everything out", and He did. Garrett's session starts in January. I think I just might be more excited than he is. :)

Thank you to those of you that emailed, wrote, and sent Facebook messages of encouragement. It is so appreciated! Now, if we can ask for prayers for creative juices to flow from Heaven, we'd be grateful for your prayers. God is faithful!

Woo-hoo! Go, Garrett! Thanks, Los! We're looking forward to the adventure ahead. In Los' words: "Disturb and disrupt your lives and you will never stop growing..." See what we're in for? :)

Intentionally Excited about what lies ahead,
Mary Beth

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