Tuesday, June 9, 2009

16 Weeks and a Few More Thoughts

I've officially hit the 16 week mark in this pregnancy. I go to Dr. B. tomorrow for another chance to hear the heartbeat and to have some bloodwork done. This is the bloodwork that will test for birth defects, etc. I had it done with Saralynn because it was my first baby and I did everything by the book. We have a baby boom at church- something like 10 people I know that are pregnant right now, at varying stages, some of whom have chosen to have the bloodwork done and some that have not. I see both sides of the issue, but am choosing to have it done because I did with Saralynn and I've made a conscious effort to not change much this go-around. What I did with her I'll do with this one. What I had in the way of baby "tools" with her I'll do with this one. And so on. Should the bloodwork come back with any signs of difficulty, it won't sway the love we have for our baby. We will love it as much as we already do. To me, it's just another appointment, just another stick with a needle. Yummy.

On a much lighter note, I'll also schedule the 18-week ultrasound that will tell us Baby's gender at tomorrow's appointment. I'll keep everyone updated on that...

Saralynn is going through Potty Training Boot Camp this week. In all actuality, she's doing very well. My mom asked last Friday what we could do to help be sure that we were on the same page with day care, etc. to help her benefit most. Miss Cara informed Mimi that Saralynn has been going to the potty at school for them for a while now. Who knew? Hmm... seems she's been holding out on us. She surprised me by going at Hog Heaven Friday night, and it worked throughout the rest of the weekend. We're not having as much luck with going tee-tee, but we're working on it. I guess she decided to tackle the more difficult scenario first. She has a potty poster that she gets stickers on, and she's constantly asking for a sticker, so I guess we're doing something right and she's catching on to it. Cross your fingers that it stays that way! She has the few diapers that we had left over at home, but other than that, we're in Pull-Ups and big girl stuff. Way to go, girl! :)

Garrett and I are really beginning to anticipate our anniversary trip next week. We're headed to Wilmington, NC to visit some friends and ministry mentors of Garrett's who have become friends of mine by default. A little back-story for those of you that might not know: Garrett and I met at youth camp in Florida in 2002. The camp was run by Chris and Cindy and others that did a phenomenal job, and I was blessed to be a part of it, and it was God-ordained that I meet my future husband there. We visited Wilmington when we were still dating in 2003 and haven't been back since. Garrett is hoping to mix a little work with pleasure and soak up as much as he can of the atmosphere and ministry mindset these guys are willing to share. I'm looking forward to watching him in action. The change I've seen in my husband in the past couple of weeks has truly been a gift to me. I'm excited about the work God is brewing in his life and can't wait to be a part of it.

I hope everyone is having an inspiring week!

Mary Beth

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