Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"We Gotta Blow It!"

My mom takes Saralynn to school each morning and picks her up each afternoon, which is a huge blessing for me. I work about 30 minutes out of town, and it's just alot easier for my mom, who works about 3 blocks from Saralynn's day care, to be her transportation there and back. Mom has a story most every day of something cute Saralynn said or did on the way to school, and yesterday was no exception. The story below:

There is a set of older apartments about a block from day care that they pass heading to school. Saralynn knows where she is just about every step of the way, and when she gets to the apartments, she knows she's close. From a distance yesterday, Mom could see the blinking lights warning of a fire truck ahead, and since Saralynn loves cars, planes, trucks, etc., Mom showed her the lights. She thought it was a police car at first, but soon realized it was a fire truck. As they inched closer to the apartments by way of the light that had now turned green, Mom noticed that one of the units was smoking. It didn't take Saralynn long to realize that, either. "Look, Mimi! It's smoking! We gotta blow it!" Those precious words from that precious heart and mouth were followed by many puffs of her own breath hurled in the direction of the smoke itself- sweet little thing was helping the firemen by blowing the smoke herself. I thought it was too precious not to share, and preserve here.

Happy Tuesday! And, if you see something smoking today, do your part- blow it!


  1. How sweet! Hope that all is well with your pregnancy!

  2. Thank you! I thought it was sweet, too.

    We're plugging along. Today is the 13 week mark, and thankfully, the nausea is gone (unless I go too long between meals, but that's not very often.) Now if I can get the cold/sinus/allergy yucks to go away. Today marks a week and it's still here. Icky!

    I know you're looking forward to the summer! Hopefully y'all can visit soon and we can all meet in person!!!