Monday, March 9, 2009

What a Busy Weekend!

I really can't believe it's Monday again already. It seems like I just left work on Friday...

Friday was my brother Matthew's 23rd birthday. Man, that makes me feel so old. I remember the day he was born- the waking at 5 am to hear that Mom's water broke (my comment: "get her another one")- through groggy eyes that just wanted to sleep. Of course, it was March, so under the watchful eyes of my grandparents, I stayed bundled up in my Superman footie PJs underneath my sweatsuit and shoes- not a good combo for this hot-natured chick... Anyway, we celebrated his birthday Friday night at Banzai by his request. Saralynn definitely did not enjoy the tableside entertainment and spent the evening with her head buried in Garrett's chest. Oh, well- maybe next time.

Saturday morning I went to Upward Soccer Evaluations and had a blast! Matthew and I are coaching a soccer team, which I'm very excited about. After evals I went to a consignment sale that some fellow mommies and I pulled together. It was my turn to work, and I did. Whew! Then, I had a 10-year high school class reunion meeting that afternoon, which was so much fun. We laughed and laughed. It was a great time of fellowship and planning. That evening, Garrett and I went to the Upward Basketball Awards Ceremony, which again was so cool! I'm very excited about what God is doing through that ministry.

Sunday was packed with its usual busyness, but again, it was a great day. Now, I sit here on Monday, a little sleepy, but grateful for a great weekend. What did yours consist of?

Mary Beth

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