Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gettin' Sick and Other Random Thoughts

I woke up this morning at 6:00 am like I do every weekday morning and went upstairs.  I'm usually one of the last to get a shower in the mornings since I can be the latest in to work.  Most mornings I doze off again once I get upstairs, and I did this morning, too.  My mom comes in the room to tell me that Saralynn is sick.  Yummy.  Poor Mimi caught the wrath of the yuckies first hand.  I contemplate my options and decided to keep Saralynn at home today.  I called day care at 6:30 expecting to leave a message but instead talked to Ms. Sandra, who told me that indeed a stomach virus was running rampant through the day care.  Perfect.  So much for Mom's intuition that it might be the phlegm she seems to be struggling with.  Back upstairs armed with grape Pedialyte and a fresh pair of pajamas I go.  I had stripped my parent's bed and thrown in yucky PJs (along with the TV remote) to wash.  Just fabulous.  I get upstairs just in time to help my poor, helpless 2-year-old struggle to understand what is happening.  I'm hungry, I'm sleepy."  Poor thing didn't know what was happening but knew it wasn't normal.  Oh, how right you were, Sweet Girl.  Mommy is supposed to be able to fix it, but in that moment, all I could do was move her hair out of her face.  That helpless feeling is one I don't want again for a while...

After 3 naps and almost a full bottle of Pedialyte later, I think we're ready to go back to school tomorrow.  It is, after all, her Valentine's Day party, and that cannot be missed.  She told me so.  "I go my party, Mommy.  It's 'portant."  I hear ya, Baby!  She's going to stay with Nana and Paw Paw in Jonesboro this weekend and Garrett and I are going to dinner at Mama Lucia's in Newnan tomorrow night since he has to work the night shift Saturday.  Yippee.  Don't get me wrong- I'm grateful for his job, but I don't like night shift.  Then we'll do church on Sunday, and the 3 of us will have a family day on Monday.  That, my friends, deserves a celebration all its own.  I am so excited!!!  Shhh... don't tell Saralynn- we want it to be a secret- but we're hoping to go to the Wild Animal Park on Monday.  Hopefully there will be some cute pictures to share!  

Until then, in case I don't get back on the blog, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Take time to spend with those you love, and be INTENTIONAL about it.  I know I will...

Mary Beth

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