Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fishies and Such

Yesterday was a FABULOUS day for the Pelts! We went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. We were going to go to the Pine Mountain Wild Animal Safari, but it was cold and the folks at the safari told us the animals don't come out when it's cold, so we opted instead for the aquarium. Saralynn of late is borderline obsessed with seahorses, so when we told her we were going to see fish and whales and..., she asked "seahorses?" Wow.

We had an eventful travel to Atlanta, filled with a horrible wreck in front of us that caused Garrett to get out of the car on the interstate and help an unconscious woman whose car was filling with smoke. Thankfully, she regained consciousness as the HERO unit arrived, but I was so proud of him for wanting to help. He said to me, "If it weren't for Saralynn being in the car, I would get out and help." Then he said, "I just can't leave that lady!" So, with Saralynn and I safely parked in the farthest lane closest to the wall, and 3 lanes of traffic blocked so that no one could get through anyway, he jumped out and went into rescue mode. Not too many people would've done that in downtown Atlanta, so I had to brag on my Sweetie for a minute...

I'll get some pictures up soon... Garrett sent me some but they aren't cooperating...

Oh, yeah, speaking of Garrett and pictures, he has a blog! Yippee! Check it out http://web.me.com/ghpelt.

Intentionally Grateful for Little Blessings,
Mary Beth

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